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April 16, 2020
Q120 Quarter in Review

The first quarter of 2020 will go down in history as among the more chaotic periods of investable market activity. Though markets may be recovering, they likely will remain volatile as new data clarify the macroeconomic effects of the coronavirus outbreak and the supply tensions/demand drop-off in energy markets. That likely means recession or worse […]

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April 14, 2020
Patience May Be Rewarded

We offer the following as a visual reminder that perseverance through market volatility may be better course with respect to progress toward longer-term financial goals.

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April 1, 2020
In the Thick of It

Through the end of March in a pretty remarkable turn of trends, the domestic equity market rebounded 15% over the course of six trading days after the Federal Reserve let loose a rainbow of market support mechanisms and the U.S. Congress passed legislation worth more than $2 trillion in budgeted relief for U.S. businesses and […]

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March 31, 2020
03.28.2020: CIO Note

In the following video, Mark seeks to provide additional perspective regarding recent market volatility. Importantly, this video is not presented as an investment recommendation. The approach described may not be right for everyone. No one watching or listening to this video should take our comments as advice specific to or appropriate for their individual situation. […]

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March 15, 2020
Market Update: Records Set, Tolerance Tested

The day before turning in its fifth-worst day in history—its worst single-day performance in more than three decades—on Friday the S&P 500 turned around to record its tenth-best daily return in history. That it ended on a strongly positive note may have been little relief for the anxious, as the index remains down just under […]

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March 11, 2020
Market Update: Bearing the Bear

As markets roil, it’s increasingly evident that the eventual depth of this downturn will depend on the breadth and duration of the dual contagions now spreading across the globe: the coronavirus outbreak and the oil price war. With the actual disease threatening human life and macroeconomic growth, potential duress in the energy sector threatens to […]

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