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Redefining "Boutique"

Adaptable Efficiency

At SRCM, the “boutique” in boutique advisory firm means high-touch, attentive client engagement and focused support of our advisors’ investment-oriented practices. We know that the range and breadth of those efforts will vary depending on the natures of each advisor’s approach and clientele. And the firm might be a bit “busier” as a result of its more open-ended advisory model. But, we firmly believe that our approach strikes a fine balance between productivity and exclusivity. That it shows standardization need not compromise adaptability for efficiency. Most importantly, we think the model enhances an advisor’s ability not only to do what’s best for the client at all times, but do so in a way that embraces each client's unique situations and goals.

Supporting the Individual

In supporting our investment advisor representatives (IARs), we seek to provide a foundation that welcomes individualized approaches to advisory work. We have built a platform that’s moldable to each advisor’s unique talents and that supports each advisor’s personal business goals. That foundation consists of what our advisors find to be an approachably comprehensive technology suite that fosters constructive client engagement and bolsters financial outcomes, while remaining flexible to individual advisor workflows and the distinctive client situations they address.

Sophisticated. Approachable.

Solutions that Know Clients are Unique

At SRCM, advisors also benefit from an in-house investment management team with decades of experience in investment management, financial analytics and client counseling. We start with a range of model-based investment solutions that we believe offer the sorts of sophisticated and robust, yet logical and sensible approaches advisors want to be able to provide their client, while remaining low-cost competitive in terms of total expense. We then can, where necessary, tailor those solutions to specific client situations and portfolios. Instead of forcing advisors to select only from a pre-defined list of inflexible “products”—the “You can have whatever you like, as long as it’s on this menu!” approach to investment management—we strive to present an investment approach that’s firmly grounded in defensible and compliant methodologies, while remaining flexible to existing holdings, tax situations and particular investment requirements and expectations.


Where the advisor's wish to do so, the Investment Team remains available to discuss existing client situations and present client prospects. From pre-engagement portfolio analytics, to ongoing positioning and performance reviews, our Team remains prepared and available to support this critical component of advisory work.

Low-Cost. High Value.

Supporting Your Success

Meantime, the firm seeks to play its part in a service provision model that we find rests well within the lower-cost segment of the advisory universe. And part of that approach means participating fully and fairly in the economics of each client engagement. It’s an approach that seeks to ensure the firm aids in every way possible our advisors' efforts to puts the needs of their client first.

If that model resonates with how you foresee your future advisory practice, we’d love to start a conversation. Please feel free to reach out at 949.261.7726, or e-mail us at

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