Mark Mowrey, CFA

A bit more about SRCM's Chief Investment Officer


With a career in investment research and management spanning nearly two decades, Signature Resources’ Chief Investment Officer, Mark Mowrey, brings a uniquely broad and relevant expertise to the firm. Graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and holding the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, his roles have ranged from financial journalism and sell-side equity research to the management of multi-billion-dollar investment portfolios.
Having endured several capital market cycles during his industry tenure, Mark has learned firsthand the power of a quantitative methodology, grounded in an approach that fosters continual learning, to impart a beneficial discipline to the investment process. He further believes candid, transparent reviews of investment methods and results nurtures the trust that is required for clients and colleagues to share in the team’s confidence in its work.

Even so, Mark understands that confidence is at best a secondary source of investment success and that hubris and similar emotional states only detract from the investment process. Rather, he believes a methodical approach, grounded in more than a century’s-worth of collective industry knowledge development and evolved to be relevant to the investment challenges and opportunities of today, ultimately will enable the firm to achieve client investment goals.
Mark’s career highlights:
— Graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics in 1994
— Wrote for technology-focused publications The Industry Standard and Red Herring
— Began his career in investments managing value-focused equity portfolios
— Promoted and managed whole-portfolio, multi-asset-class ETF-based solutions
— Retained a regular presence in business- and finance-oriented television
— Studied abroad in Moscow, Russia in 1992
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Newport Beach, CA 92660
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