Retirement Planning

Offering a defined contribution retirement plan, such as a 401(k), can have financial benefits for your business and help with employee recruitment and retention. At times however, the regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements can seem a bit daunting. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our approach to helping you resolve those challenges and assist your employees to secure their financial futures.

Examples of services offered:

Set up your plan

  1. Develop your investment policy statement
  2. Recommend a portfolio of investments to meet a broad ranges of investment objectives
  3. Implement your plan conversion, where necessary
  4. Manage plan enrollment

Manage your plan

  • Perform benchmarking of fees, versus industry averages
  • Employ investment monitoring on a quarterly basis
  • Assist with compliance, applicable laws and regulations
  • Provide guidance and record-keeping, plan reporting and administration
  • Offer education materials and meetings to employees to boost plan participation

  • Stay updated