Investment Philosophy

A Signature Discipline

Our approach to investment management is humble in concept and efficient in practice. It is grounded upon more than a century of market history and informed by our collective decades of investment experience. Executed with cost effectiveness and pragmatism in mind, our methodology acknowledges the give and take of return and risk inherent to all investments and is designed to be applicable to a very wide range of individual client scenarios.

At the core of our Investment Approach is our Investment Philosophy:

Capital market prices reflect collective investor expectations for the potential risks and returns inherent to all investments. This crowd-sourced wisdom leaves little room for incremental gain over the aggregate performance of similar securities. Nonetheless, certain investment characteristics have shown to support greater-than-average returns over time. We manage portfolios built to favor these characteristics, while emphasizing portfolio diversification within and among a diverse range of asset classes, to foster the optimal experience for our clients and partners.

Based on that Philosophy, the following features define our Investment Approach:

  1. We consider risk an equal peer to return in determining appropriate paths for client portfolios
  2. We emphasize broad diversification across a range of global asset classes
  3. We tilt portfolio exposures to emphasize investment characteristics suggestive of potential long-term outperformance
  4. We map combinations of these major asset classes to specific risk-tolerance levels to formulate our range of investment solutions
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