September 8, 2017

Gliding Home

Risk is as much a part of investing as is return. Two sides of the same coin. In many cases, it is likely that individual tolerance for market risk will wane over time. Often due to age-induced pragmatism, we might like our portfolios to become less volatile as our demands for the security of the amount of those funds we have managed to accumulate grows. A progression in portfolio exposures from higher to lower overall expected portfolio risk can be labelled a “glidepath.” This glidepath expresses the past and potential future mix of exposures in the portfolio in order to set expectations for relative potential risk and return. In this month’s commentary, using the more recent past performance of U.S. equity and fixed income investments as a guide, we seek to show the relative potential risk and return impact of incorporating a glidepath into an investment process.

0917 SRCM Commentary

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